Expense management for everyone
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Capluence is free forever with no in-app purchases, no ads, no hidden agenda. Capluence was built with a singular vision - to make expense and budgeting simple - not just for stat nerds, not just for folks with spreadsheets full of budgets but for everyone. Every decision that has gone into the making of this app has been carefully considered and analysed to make it as simple as possible while not limiting your potential. Most importantly, it is free because it's for everyone.


A clean and beautiful interface that looks great in light

But also shines in the dark

Name. Amount. Save.

Everything else. Autofilled. Or optional
With even some ML magic to help

Capluence uses Machine Learning algorithms to determine your expense categories. Buying a new phone? Capluence knows it is "Tech". Taking a ride to the office? Capluence knows it is "Transport"

And later this year, Capluence will become even smarter and start learning from your category inputs. Everything on-device. Everything private.


Changing the way you budget

Plans are a whole new way to create budgets and checklists. They are simple to use, informative and most importantly a lot of fun.


A whole new way to organise Transactions

iCloud Sync

No sign-in. No sign-up.
Just use iCloud. And it syncs across all your Apple devices